Our French House is in the charming village of Salléles d'Aude in the Languedoc-Rousillon region of France. 

The Canal de Jonction, part of the La Nouvelle branch of the Canal du Midi, runs through the middle of the town. It was commissioned in 1787 to provide access to Narbonne from the Canal du Midi. It measures 8km and contains seven locks that can be explored on foot, by bike or barge under the welcome shade of the magnificent pine trees.

The village is lively and interesting, with a roman heritage. There are two museums - the Site Amphoralis pottery museum and the Patchwork museum. There are two restaurants in the village. Chez Hervé is a casual bistrot overlooking the canal and offers a great value daily 3 course menu. Les Ecluses is smarter and has great reviews for it's simple but delicious menu. 

There is a very good supermarket on the outskirts of town and two bakeries for fresh baguettes and croissants. 

The village is known for it's Pottery féte in August each year, and the official website details the many events in the village and surrounds.